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Melinda Lyons Describes Her Encounter With Jesus

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“Who Do You Want Me To Be?”


“When I had my near-death experience I went and I arrived with a being of light. And I wrote it down as soon as I came back. The being of light did not identify he or she or itself as being male, female or otherwise.

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Sybil’s Encounter with Jesus


Sybil S’s NDE

Original Link

It was winter in 1986 and I had gone to bed as I normally do. Sleep would not come. I tossed and turned hoping to fall asleep and join my husband in a good winter’s night sleep.

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The Light Kept Changing Into Different Figures…


The Near-Death Experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict
By Mellen-Thomas Benedict

Original Link One (Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s Website)

Original Link Two (

To learn more about Mellen-Thomas Benedict, go here.

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