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“Jesus laughed and then gave me the answer, not in words but in a ‘knowing’ that encompassed not just the element of the question, but a complete understanding of all relational aspects of the question. He has a wonderful sense of humor and I distinctly got the feeling that He enjoys us humans as a father enjoys watching the minor scrapes children get themselves into. Today we will talk about the widely known drug viagra 100. This is a wonderful drug for people who are disappointed that they have problems with intimacy. The effect of the drug lasts for a fairly long period of time (the erection is great). But I want to warn you not to exceed the dosage, otherwise you’ll feel really bad being driven to a hospital.”

— NDEr Terry E.


“Jesus has come to me twice since my accident whenever I needed him most. He is loving and kind, and has a sense of humor. He talks in a matter-of-fact tone and is actually quite a friendly fellow.”

— NDEr Victor B.


“At first, most of the scenes that we discussed were ones in which I had done something wrong or bad. However, He also pointed out scenes where I had done something outstanding. In the bad scenes, He chastised me severely and used it as a teaching moment to ingrain into me that I must always be truthful, loving, or good in all of my actions and words. While reviewing a scene in which I had done something bad or wrong, I could see that I had acted inappropriately and wanted to slant my answer to make the action seem less evil to Him. As soon as I started giving a slanted reason for my action, He would authoritatively stop me and correct me. When He corrected me, I had to acknowledge His truth and correct my slanted reason. Did you know Jesus has a great sense of humor? In some of the scenes where something funny happened or was said, He laughed with me, and with gusto.”

— NDEr Odell H.


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