Jesus, The Man



Jesus, The Man
By David Sunfellow

Based on information from the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, Ray Stanford, Paul Solomon, and Emmanuel

His eyes were steel blue and piercing, yet loving and kind. He was tall, and strong, powerfully built, yet graceful, and fluid, and agile — like the wind and mountains. His hair was like David’s — the color of new wine — golden brown, yellow red. It flowed over and curled about his shoulders. His beard parted in the center and had two peaks coming down from His chin. His fingers were long and tapered. His voice commanded attention and rang with authority. His face, and body, were nearly perfect — so perfect, in fact, that one side could be folded upon the other and match.

He studied at home and abroad. He traveled to distant lands. He worked as a carpenter. He sang. He played the harp. He smiled often and laughed and joked. He was sociable. He was practical. He took time to play and relax. He retreated to the mountains. He applied spiritual laws to daily living and held more to the spirit of the law than to the letter.

He was loving. He was kind. He was gentle. He was mindful of loved ones and friends.

He wined and dined with the wealthy. He consorted with the poor and the downtrodden. He slept in the fields with the shepherds. He taught on the hillsides and in the temples. He walked by the seashore with the throngs. He went wherever he was invited and reached, touched, and healed others in their own plane of experience. He grew faint and weak. His heart ached. His body bled. He experienced all the weaknesses of the flesh. He commanded the wind, the storm, the elements, the thunder and lightning. He was the first soul to experience, and master EVERYTHING, in Heaven and in hell, in body, in mind, in spirit.

Perhaps the most obvious and significant difference between the human life and the life of the Master was that Jesus was never blind, nor deaf, to the simplest opportunities along the way — and He never lost sight of His purpose: To make God fully manifest in man. 

Whereas other prophets spoke through words, through prophecies, through admonitions, through knowledge, through great deeds, Jesus spoke through the human experience. He knew it was not in the thunder or lightning, not in the loudness of words or the magnitude of deeds, but in the little things — the kind word, the gentle touch — that brought God into the hearts and minds of men and women. Instead of seeking to illustrate metaphysical truths, or demonstrate healing ability, or explain the laws of God and life, or gain followers, Jesus was motivated first and foremost, by compassion. Above all, Jesus taught, and demonstrated, love.


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