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“Who Do You Want Me To Be?”


“When I had my near-death experience I went and I arrived with a being of light. And I wrote it down as soon as I came back. The being of light did not identify he or she or itself as being male, female or otherwise.

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St. Francis of Assisi


St. Francis of Assisi
By Terry Matz
Catholic Online

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Founder of the Franciscan Order, born at Assisi in Umbria, in 1181.

In 1182, Pietro Bernardone returned from a trip to France to find out his wife had given birth to a son.

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Book: “Sacred Encounters with Jesus”


Sacred Encounters with Jesus (2003)
By Gregory Scott Sparrow

Amazon Description:

The nature of these sacred encounter experiences is that Jesus heals and transforms people just as he ministered to his brokenhearted and defeated disciples.

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Sybil’s Encounter with Jesus


Sybil S’s NDE

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It was winter in 1986 and I had gone to bed as I normally do. Sleep would not come. I tossed and turned hoping to fall asleep and join my husband in a good winter’s night sleep.

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Jesus, Christians, and Near-Death Experiences


Jesus, Christians, and Near-Death Experiences
By David Sunfellow

A note to those who of you may have concerns about near-death experiences being tied directly to the life and teachings of Jesus.

Let me begin by acknowledging that when we examine near-death experiences as a whole;

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