Deputy Marty Breeden’s Encounter With Jesus



Deputy Marty Breeden’s Encounter With Jesus

First Excerpt (beginning at 7:50)

The very first thing I heard was the voice of The Lord. And it was undeniable and unmistakable and you know exactly who it is. It was the Lord Jesus Christ.

And I heard him say, “My church does not believe that I’m coming back soon.”

Then he said it again, with even more passion. He said, “My church does not really believe that I’m coming back soon.”

Then he said it yet again, with more passion and more power and he was even louder. And he said, “My church does not really believe that I’m coming back soon.”

And at that point I was almost like a school child. I started waving my hands and I said, “Lord, Lord, Lord, yes we do believe that you’re coming back soon. We sing about it. We preach about it. We pray about it. We study about it. Lord, we do believe that you’re coming back soon.”

And at this point… the timber and the tone of his voice changed. And he said, “My church does not really believe that I’m coming back soon for if they did they would not be living as they are.”

Then he pointed his finger at me — not in a mean way but he wanted to get his point across — he pointed his finger at me and he said, “I am coming back soon and my church is not ready.” And he said, “Go back and tell the things that you’ve heard and… know that your message will not be received.”

And at that point I came back into my body and they resuscitated me.

Second Except (beginning at 11:17)

The first night that I arrived at the University of Virginia, at the transitional care facility, that night I had a dream or vision. As Paul said, “Whether in the body or out of the body, I’m not sure” — but had this vision. I saw, it was almost like an aerial view, that there was a small oval-shaped light that looked like it was the shape of an egg…. This light began to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until all the sudden I realized that I was standing in the middle of a huge football stadium. There was no one there and it was night time. I looked up at the scoreboard and it said 2:13 and I immediately heard that same voice when I coded the first time. The voice of the Lord said, “My church should be living as though this is the 2-minute warning.”

I immediately woke up. God knows that I’m a huge football fan, so that comment made perfect sense to me. In the last 2 minutes of a football game, in the last 120 seconds, you do all that you can to build a strong opposition, to score as many points, to gain as many yards. If you’re winning the game, you build up a strong defense. You keep the enemy from scoring yards, from scoring points, from making progress. You do all that you can to make one last final push because the referee is about to blow the whistle and the game is about to be over. I knew exactly what the Lord meant when he said, “My church should be living as though this is the 2-minute warning.”

A few hours later, I was in a wheelchair. I was in my hospital room and I was looking out the window. I was thinking about this amazing visitation that I had had just a few hours earlier. I was looking out my window and there was a knock at my door.

I can barely speak because I still had part of part of the trake in [my throat]. I said, “Come in.”

And there were two ladies that walked in. They were obviously part of the medical staff. They had their medical gowns on and they walked in and they said, “Mr. Breeden, can we speak with you?'” And I said, “Of course you can.” So they came in and they introduced themselves and they sat down.

One lady introduced herself. She gave me her name and she said, “Mr. Breeden, I will be your physical therapist while you’re here with us.” And then she introduced the other girl and said, “She will be your occupational therapist… We want to talk to you about your transition, about your recovery, and some of the things that we are going to propose doing.”

And we spoke for a few moments and then the conversation took a very odd turn. The physical therapist looked at me and said, “Mr. Breeden, can I ask you a personal question?” I said, “Of course you can.” And she said, “Would you consider yourself a man of faith?” And I said, “Well, I certainly haven’t always lived it, I’ve not always been the best example, but, yes, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m a Christian.”

And she looked at the other lady and they smiled at one another. And I said, “Ladies” — and I could barely talk, so I said this through a whisper — “I’m not at all offended by your question, but that’s kind of an odd question for a physical therapist to ask a patient, isn’t it?”

And she said, “Let me tell you something Mr. Breeden. We had no intention of coming and seeing you this morning. Becky and I were going to see other patients this morning when we passed in the hall. She was going one way and I was going the other way. We are both spiritual Christians. We are both followers of Jesus. We hear from the Lord. As we were passing in the hall, when we got in front of your door, we both saw, in the spirit, the number 2 superimposed on your door.”

One of the women asked, “Lord what does that mean?” She said the Holy Spirit spoke to her and said, “Go in and ask that man if he knows what the number 2 means and he’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.”

So they came in and asked me. And I told them that only hours earlier, I had had a vision. I told them exactly what had taken place. And we were all astonished! In a million years, it would be impossible to make that up. It was absolutely amazing. And I was able to tell them what I heard. And what the church should be doing…

Let me fast forward a little bit. They called me — at the transitional care facility — they called me “the miracle man” because I had coded twice and there was no reason for me to be here. And I would tell them when they said that to me, “No, I’m not the miracle man, but I do happen to know him very well…”


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