Encounters with Jesus



• Jesus, Near-Death Experiences and Religion – David Sunfellow
• Jesus, Christians, and Near-Death Experiences – David Sunfellow
• The Light Kept Changing Into Different Figures – NDEr Mellen-Thomas Benedict
“Who Do You Want Me To Be?” — NDEr Dr. Alan Hugenot
• Religious Figures In NDEs, Especially Jesus & Muhammad
Did Jesus Really Exist?

The Chosen: The First Multi-Season Television Series About The Life Of Christ

Peter Kuo, Vice Chair Of California GOP
Pauline Glamochak
Annie Lobert
Sheila S – “He Came To Me In The Color Of Love”
Akiane Kramarik
• Julian of Norwich
Officer Ali Perez Meets Jesus After Being Shot
Deputy Marty Breeden’s Encounter with Jesus
• Krystal Winzer’s Encounter with Jesus
Yvonne Sneeden’s Encounter with Jesus
• Reverend Matthew Wright, Teilhard de Chardin, The Second Axial Age
• Mary Reed: God, Jesus, Buddha
• What Howard Storm Learned From Jesus & The Angels – NDEr Howard Storm
• The Purpose of Life: Love & Have Fun – NDEr Sarah W.
• When Hellfire & Damnation Preachers Meet A Loving & Forgiving God – Rev. John W. Price
Two Sisters Encounter Jesus – NDEr Valerie Paters and her sister Cheryl Schuelke
• Annabel Beam Falls, Meets Jesus & Is Healed
• How To Get In Touch With Jesus, Angels, God – NDEr Howard Storm
• “What Have You Done With Your Life?” – NDEr Dr. George Ritchie
The Future of the World – NDEr Howard Storm
• “What Did You Do For Your Fellow Man?” – NDEr Chris Markey
We Are All Connected – NDEr Jeff Olsen
“Love The Person You’re With” – NDEr Howard Storm
• “The Love You Give” – An Anonymous Near-Death Experiencer
• My Face-To-Face Encounter With Jesus Christ – NDEr Chris Russell
• The Near-Death of a Child – Helena Rocca
The Blind Man At The Gate – Ray Stanford
The Touch Of The Master – Ray Stanford
Jesus, The Man – David Sunfellow
St. Francis of Assisi – Terry Matz
The Apostle Paul’s Encounter with Jesus – Gary Habermas
The Shroud of Turin

Jesus Appears To Atheist Ronald Dabdoub
Cecil Willy’s Encounter with Jesus
• Juan Maria Crisostomo – An Encounter With Mama Mary & Jesus
When Jesus Came To Me – Lisa Freeman
I Saw Jesus Christ – Bruce M
• Sherzad Suleiman Describes Encounter With Jesus
• Donna Magrath’s Encounter with Jesus – David Sunfellow’s Mother
• Jim Maxim, An Alcoholic, Meets Jesus
Lyn Breshaw, An Exotic Dancer, Meets Jesus
• Sybil’s Encounter with Jesus
• Melinda Lyons Describes Her Encounter With Jesus
• Brother Delbert Shares His Encounter With Jesus
• Muslim Woman Shares An Encounter With Jesus – Nadia Khalil Bradley
Jesus Appearing To Muslims

• Book: “Sacred Encounters with Jesus” – Gregory Scott Sparrow, Morton Kelsey

• Emanuel Swedenborg on Jesus
A Course in Miracles
• Edgar Cayce on Jesus

Other Near-Death Experiencers Who Report Encounters With Jesus

• Yvonne Sneeden
• Colton Burpo (4-year old child)
Angie Fenimore
• Vicki Noratuk (woman who was blind from birth)
• Betty J. Eadie
• Ian McCormack
Dr. Mary Neal
Yolaine Stout
PMH Atwater

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