Two Sisters Encounter Jesus


Project Afterlife: Valerie & Cheryl’s Encounter With Jesus

In the 6th episode of season 1 of the television series Project Afterlife we hear the story of two sisters who encounter Jesus. The first sister, Valerie Paters, dies as the result of a horrific car accident. The second sister, Cheryl Schuelke, had a dream about the accident. After learning that her dream was real and that her sister had been taken to the hospital, the second sister began praying for her in the hospital’s chapel. While praying, she had a vision of what her sister was experiencing while drifting between life and death. Season 1 of Project Afterlife features several near-death experiencers who had encounters with Jesus. This encounter was the most dramatic.

Along with presenting an unusual number of near-death experiences that featured Jesus, what makes this series particularly interesting is how it focuses on prayer as a power that not only brought people back from the dead, but also contributed, in some cases, to miraculous healings. You can watch all six episodes of season 1 here.



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