Sheila Shaw – “He Came To Me In The Color Of Love”

Sheila Shaw Describes Her Near-Death Experience With Jesus

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“I remember before dying, that a long time ago, I was told that ‘No man could stand before Jesus or God.’ I thought, ‘Well, why would that be?’ I mean, ‘Would He beat you down or something?’ I never understood why they would say that. Now I know why; it is because his love is so mighty, that I can’t even describe it. This love is so intense that I could not stand because it just knocked me over.”


“Jesus told me kindness was so important. Treat each other kindly. We are all connected and He wants us to treat each other like royalty. It makes Him so happy. He cries a lot for us because the way we treat each other and how we treat ourselves. Even like many of us go to work we give our customers or patients everything. We give them all this joy and love and then at the end of day we go home, take off makeup, brush teeth or whatever. But as we’re looking at the mirror, we’re finding bad things about ourselves that we don’t like. Then we criticize ourselves. This makes Him cry worse than ever because He sees us as absolutely perfect, absolute perfection.

“For instance, I had really long dreads and I had to cut them because my hair was falling out after dying. I don’t like it short anymore, but I can’t say that because I know Heavenly Father sees them as beautiful. So, I have to say, ‘Oh my beautiful hair,’ because I don’t want to make Him cry again. He wants us to sincerely compliment each other. When I was in the hospital, I showered the doctors and nurses with compliments, because Jesus was still with me. I would feel Him so much that I couldn’t help myself but to say something nice about whoever it was. If a doctor came in, I said, ‘Ahh, look, that’s the cutest top you have on!’ Or ‘Those earrings are pretty.’ Or, ‘ That’s a nice tie.’ Or, ‘Boy that’s a nice beard. You keep it so nice and groomed.’ And the people would just light up. Some of them would even cry. I remember being able to witness this and it would almost make me cry because we’re all so starving for someone to tell us something good about ourselves.”


“Peggi told me that when I told her the story, that when I first came to meet Jesus, she said I told her that I said He was black, but then later I said He was white. She was asking me to clarify what color Jesus was. I told her, ‘He comes to you as your most comfortable.’ He could have came to me blue, green or purple and I wouldn’t have cared because the love is all that’s important to me, then and it still is. In my mind, He came to me in the color of love.”


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