Donna Magrath’s Encounter with Jesus

This is a video of David Sunfellow’s mother, Donna Magrath, talking about an encounter she had with Jesus in 1976. She was 43 at the time. David was 22. David’s brother was 19.


Viewer Comments:

“Yes, yes. He came to me too. He showed up. I was praying so hard, and I felt a compulsion to pull over my car, and I stopped my car and I was praying so hard. He got into my car, his clothing was amazing, that is the thing the stuck with me so hard. His clothing was like made of LIGHTNING. I don’t know how else to explain it. He seemed like a regular, normal person, but his CLOTHING was made out of lightning. It was as if a regular man was bestowed with GOD’S CLOTHING. His clothes were extraordinary! He was so bright, I could not see his face, his clothing was so bright! that is the one thing I remembered. He talked to me, like a regular person. He was dressed in God’s clothes. I did talk to him.”

— Mike Toles via YouTube



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