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Officer Ali Perez Meets Jesus After Being Shot

Officer Ali Perez was nearly killed while serving a warrant on a suspected pedophile. During a shootout, Jesus appeared to Ali and asked him to bless the man who was determined to take his life.

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Jesus, Near-Death Experiences, and Religion


The following talk comes from a seven-part series of near-death experience classes that David Sunfellow taught in Sedona, Arizona. This was the sixth talk called Jesus, Near-Death Experiences, and Religion.


To help set the tone,

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Jesus Appears To Atheist Ronald Dabdoub

Atheist Ronald Dabdoub wanted to know the truth about God. For 30 days he asked God to prove his existence with more than words. Ronald is not an atheist anymore.

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Juan Maria Crisostomo – An Encounter With Mama Mary & Jesus

Meet The Hitchhiking Friar With An Extraordinary Near-Death Experience
By Courtney Grogan
Catholic News Agency (CNA)
January 24, 2019

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Miraculous events have shaped Friar Juan Maria Crisostomo’s life to bring him to the radical poverty and simplicity of his vocation as a Little Friar of Jesus and Mary.

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