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“The Love You Give”


Surrounded by Pure Love
Anonymous Near-Death Experiencer

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I had an OBE in 1970 at the birth of my first son and it was rather frightening. I heard the doctor tell my husband and the nurse that the baby was in trouble and to save its life he would have to put me out and take the baby with forceps.

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Muslim Woman Shares An Encounter With Jesus

Excerpt from The Defining Moment Television Talk Show interview with Nadia Khalil Bradley, Author of “Origins of Truth: Words that Will Awaken You to the Truth of Your Heart.” Hosted by Bret Moss.



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What Howard Storm Learned From Jesus & The Angels

howardstormHoward Storm (born October 26, 1946, in Flushing, New York) is a former atheist and art professor and chairman of the art department at the Northern Kentucky University. He is best known as the author of “My Descent Into Death” which details his near-death experience.

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The Heart of Jesus


The Heart of Jesus
Yvonne Sneeden

In 2008, a life crisis lead to Yvonne Sneeden having a near-death like experience. During her experience, Yvonne entered a heavenly realm and encountered Jesus and various angelic beings.

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Jesus, The Man


Jesus, The Man
By David Sunfellow

Based on information from the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, Ray Stanford, Paul Solomon, and Emmanuel

His eyes were steel blue and piercing, yet loving and kind. He was tall, and strong,

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